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A nurse attorney is always available whenever you need help from their expertise in handling nurse licensing cases. They are capable of working with the Texas Board of Nursing to provide the utmost assistance that you need for your license and career. This is what a certain RN from Fort Worth missed out when she failed to correctly perform a medical treatment to a patient.

On or about January 21, 2017, the RN based in Fort Worth, Texas failed to escalate a certain situation where a patient was experiencing respiratory issues. The RN failed to re-notify the physician when the respiratory therapists failed to fulfil her orders when she requested a Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure Device. The patient was experiencing continued low oxygen saturation during dialysis.

The patient ‘s oxygen saturation continued to fluctuate for 3 hours during the period of dialysis, and eventually experienced respiratory arrest upon arrival of the physician. A Code Blue was called, and the patient was transferred to a higher level of treatment, where the patient expired afterward. The failure to re-notify the physician may have caused the delay of treatment to the patient.

The RN was given a chance to defend the case against the Texas Board of Nursing. She stated that she placed a pulse oximeter to the patient, despite her lack of one when she arrived to the dialysis. She then increased the oxygen to 2 liters per minute for an hour while placing the patient under High Fowler’s position for breathing assistance.

She notified the nephrologist of the patient’s status during dialysis, and also informed the respiratory therapists multiple times. She also informed the therapists about the BiPAP order for the patient, and did the best that she could in treating the patient. She added that she addressed and reported everything while caring for the patient to the best of her knowledge as well.

The Texas Board of Nursing then concluded the case and placed the RN into disciplinary proceedings instead. She could have hired a nurse attorney for assistance regarding the matter, as she was not directly responsible for the patient’s death.

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