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What would you do if someone filed a complaint that threatens your professional nurse license? If you don’t act quickly and aggressively, you could lose your license and your ability to work as a nurse. Losing your license would not only destroy your career, but it could even lead to financial ruin. You have a lot at stake to leave your future to chance. You will need to take immediate action. It is best to fight to restore your reputation and maintain your license. Contact an experienced Texas Nurse Defense Attorney today for a confidential consultation.

With our firm, you get an experienced Texas nurse license defense attorney who is committed to obtaining the most effective results you need coupled with years of experience handling casing in the nursing industry. As one of the leading nurse license defense law firms in Texas, the Law Firm of Yong J. An is experienced in the best ways to handle all sorts of allegations and how to undertake investigating serious and often complex complaints.

Nursing Law Defense Attorney Explains the Disciplinary Process in Texas

The disciplinary process for nurses in Texas may begin with a letter of self-report or may be sent at the request of a patient, supervisor or colleague. Alternatively, an employer may request an investigation into nurse misconduct based upon other circumstances, such as known problems or criminal charges.

The allegations may be unsubstantiated or your conduct may be completely in accordance with expected professional standards. However, a professional nurse license is way too important to leave to chance. If you are concerned about potential disciplinary action, contact us today.

We provide savvy nurse license defense in a wide variety of situations and complaints. Some examples of things that Texas nurses may be subject to sanctions for:

Lack of professionalism: Patients may complain that a nurse lacks professionalism or has an inappropriate bedside manner. With multiple complaints or serious cases, registered nurses may be subject to consequences.

Failure to document procedures: When patient records are not properly maintained or procedures are not properly documented, nurses may be subject to sanctions.

Use of controlled substances/narcotics:  Use of controlled substances can lead to disciplinary action.  It is best to consult an attorney to get help and get medical assistance if you are addicted to drugs.

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