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An experienced and skilled nurse attorney has surely helped a lot of RNs and LVNs when it comes to cases that may lead to disciplinary action. Unfortunately, not all nurses were able to hire a nurse attorney as they underwent such cases. This incident that an RN committed on January 9, 2010, was one of those examples.

On or about January 9, 2010, while utilizing a Privilege to Practice (PTP) nursing from the State of South Dakota, and employed in a medical facility in Conroe, Texas, the RN misappropriated Hydrocodone, Tramadol and Morphine belonging to the facility and patients led to take precautions to prevent such misappropriation. Her conduct was likely to defraud the facility and patients of the cost of the medications.

Subsequently, the RN engaged in the intemperate use of opiates in that she submitted a specimen for a drug screen which resulted positive for opiates. Unlawful possession of opiates is prohibited by Chapter 481 of the Texas Health & Safety Code (Controlled Substances Act). The use of opiates by a Nurse, while subject to call or duty, could impair the nurse’s ability to recognize subtle signs, symptoms or changes in the patient’s condition, and could impair the nurse’s ability to make rational, accurate, and appropriate assessments, judgments, and decisions regarding patient care, thereby placing the patient in potential danger.

Because of the incident, the RN was summoned by the Texas Board of Nursing to defend her side. However, due to the lack of an experienced nurse attorney to defend her side, the RN lost the case and was disciplined.

The Texas Board of Nursing has full jurisdiction over all cases regarding errors committed by an RN or LVN. Thus, she was called by the Board to defend against the case.

The following incident and defense against the case caused the Texas Board of Nursing to place the RN and her license into disciplinary proceedings. She would have sought assistance from a good nurse attorney to provide clarifications towards the case.

If you’ve ever done any errors during your shift as an RN or LVN, and you wish to preserve your career and your license, an experienced nurse attorney is what you need. Nurse Attorney Yong J. An, an experienced nurse lawyer for various licensing cases for 14 years, can assist you by contacting him at (832) 428-5679.