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In the healthcare industry, patient safety is of paramount importance, and any actions that compromise this fundamental principle raise significant concerns. Nurses, as front-line caregivers, bear a crucial responsibility for ensuring the accurate and safe administration of medications. Any deviation from established protocols, such as tampering with medication packaging, can have serious consequences for patient well-being and raise questions about a nurse’s competence and adherence to professional standards. To address this complex issue and its legal implications, the guidance of a nurse defense attorney is essential. A nurse attorney possesses the expertise to navigate the intricacies of healthcare law and regulations, ensuring that the rights and safety of both the nurse and the patient are protected.

The case scenario that will be discussed occurred on or about August 01, 2021, at a hospital in Austin, Texas. The RN involved was employed as an LVN and had been in the said position for five (5) months. While on duty, the LVN taped an unidentified pill that had fallen in the drawer of a medication cart into an incorrect medication blister pack containing Lorazepam. The LVN’s conduct placed the possible patient involved at risk for harm from the inappropriate administration of an unidentified pill. 

The LVN responded, stating that she did tape the pill in the blister pack because there was a hole in the pack after being crowded and repeatedly handled. Based on the statements released from the LVN it is evident that the situation calls for a reliable nurse attorney which will be of great help to work hand in hand with the LVN involved to make the process which the LVN is about to face due to the violated acts done. 

The LVN’s failure to hire a Texas Nurse Attorney has led her to lose the case. In conclusion, the Texas Board of Nursing disciplined the LVN’s license.

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