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The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) is responsible for regulating the practice of nursing within the state and has the power to adjudicate complaints filed against nurses. The BON investigates all complaints about a nurse’s potential violations of the Nursing Practice Act. Then, they decide whether the claim should be pursued.

If you have received notice of a BON complaint that has been filed against you, you must take this process very seriously. The Board of Nursing investigation process can affect your livelihood and leave a blemish on your professional record if not handled properly.


Defending Your Case in a Board of Nursing Investigation Process


After a complaint has been filed against you, you may receive notice from the BON so that you can offer an explanation. Depending on the facts of your case, it may be possible to engage in informal settlement discussions with the BON rather quickly. If an informal settlement is not possible, a formal settlement process will take place.

Formal settlements could involve detailed investigations, hearings, and the presentation of evidence and witness testimonies. The formal process is more structured and may result in more severe outcomes. This could ultimately end with disciplinary action being taken, including having your nursing license revoked.

It is important to engage counsel so that you are represented throughout this entire process. Your ability to resolve any charges quickly before disciplinary action is taken can be the difference between you keeping your job and losing your ability to practice as a nurse ever again.


Find a Texas Nurse Lawyer Who Will Fight for You


At the Law Office of Yong J. An in Houston, Texas, we work tirelessly to defend Texas nurses who are under investigation by the BON. We fight aggressively for our clients and leave no stone unturned in protecting your ability to earn a living.

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FAQ Section


What Happens When a Nurse Is Reported to the Board?


When a complaint is received, the Board of Nursing (BON) launches a detailed investigation to assess the allegations against the nurse’s practice. This process involves collecting evidence, interviewing relevant parties, and reviewing the nurse’s employment history and previous complaints. The goal is to determine if there has been a violation of the Nursing Practice Act. Violations could range from minor infractions to serious breaches of patient care standards.


What Is the Investigation of the Nursing Process?


The investigation process is a detailed evaluation of the accused nurse’s professional conduct and practice. It includes an examination of medical records, patient testimonials, and any relevant documentation that can demonstrate the nurse’s adherence to the standard of care. The board may also consult experts to assess the quality of care provided.


What Is the Most Common Reason That Nurses Are Disciplined by the State Board of Nursing?


Disciplinary actions are most commonly taken for violations of the standard of care. This includes negligent patient care, failure to follow established protocols, medication errors, and inadequate documentation. These violations reflect a deviation from the accepted practices and principles that govern nursing. Veering away from these practices can potentially put patients at risk.


Which Is the Most Frequent Reason for Revocation or Suspension of a Nurse’s License?


The most severe disciplinary actions, such as revocation or suspension, typically result from violations of professional ethics or legal statutes. This includes criminal conduct, substance abuse affecting professional duties, gross negligence, or intentional harm to patients. Such actions betray the trust placed in nurses and are treated with utmost importance.


What to Expect if Your Nursing License Is Being Investigated by the BRN


Nurses undergoing investigation can expect a formal review process that may involve detailed scrutiny of their professional conduct, interviews, and possibly a hearing before the board. Throughout this process, nurses have the right to present evidence, bring legal representation, and defend their practice. The outcomes can vary and range from dismissal of the complaint to disciplinary actions based on the findings.


What Nurses Should Know About License Investigations


Nurses must understand the seriousness of a license investigation and its potential impact on their careers. Being well-informed about the rights, procedures, and possible outcomes is essential. Engaging a specialized attorney who understands nursing law can greatly influence the course and outcome of the investigation. Expert attorneys can offer strategic advice and representation.