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Every person who wants to become a professional LVN or RN nurse in the state of Texas needs to go through several processes. First of all, there is a need to complete tertiary education in a nursing school. After graduation, the next step is to take the nursing board examination. The goal is to pass the said exam in order to become part of the professional nurses in Texas.

All these only show that the process is not really easy. Hence, every LVN or RN nurse must take care of his nursing license. One wrong move can result to the suspension or revocation of the said license. The administrative body or agency that has the authority to hear cases regarding the nursing profession is the Texas Board of Nursing.

One of the recent cases filed before the Texas Board of Nursing involved LVN nurse. He has been working as a LVN nurse in a general hospital for almost twelve years already. During his employment, he was caught sleeping for several times. The hospital where he was connected gave him a lot of chances to change his demeanor. However, many nurses still caught him performing the prohibited activity. At this point, it is essential to point out the fact that his action is unbecoming of a nurse. As a health care provider, he needs to stay awake to ensure that he can provide a great service to the patients.

The LVN nurse was given an opportunity to be heard. The Texas Board of Nursing gave him sufficient time to defend the complaints filed against him. However, there was failure on the LVN nurse’s part to find the right lawyer to handle his case. The negligence of the nursing defense lawyer led the professional LVN nurse to lose his license.

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