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When an RN or LVN is charged with a criminal case, it is important to seek for a reputable and experienced criminal nurse attorney to defend the case. However, some RNs and LVNs failed to do so, which resulted in the worst possible outcome.

In Anderson, a 29-year-old registered nurse is accused of the shooting death of her husband. According to accusations, the RN used a shotgun to kill her husband then called 911 and reported it as a suicide.

Investigators became suspicious when the RN kept changing her story about the shooting. According to allegations, the shotgun had apparently been wiped clean and the trajectory did not match a self-inflicted wound.

The RN denied the allegations. However, there wasn’t enough evidence to prove her innocence, especially when investigators found out that she was having an affair with her ex-boyfriend.

The RN said she is a registered nurse who began working at the cancer center after coming to the United States in 2004. However, she has not been employed there since 2015.

Because of this, the Texas Board of Nursing finally decided to discipline and suspended the RN’s license. She could have found an effective and experienced criminal nurse attorney especially if she thinks she has a good defense against her case.

She lost the case simply because she failed to find an effective and efficient nurse attorney. Hiring a criminal nurse attorney could have properly defended her side and saved her from the disciplinary action put by the Texas Board of Nursing.

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