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If you ever did nothing wrong during your job in the hospital, then it’s recommended for you to get help from a nurse attorney. The nurse attorney could provide a better defense as you attend hearings before the Texas Board of Nursing. This is why legal counseling given by a nurse attorney is absolutely a must before you face the Board to find a proper defense to secure your career.

An incident similar to this matter happened on December 9, 2011, to January 10, 2012, where an RN failed to assess the temperature and current pain level of ten patients. She also failed to assess numerous abnormal and normal vital signs on five out of the ten patients as well. During that time, she was also tasked as the primary nurse for the ten patients during the said dates.

The results of her actions has likely deprived any sort timely interventions if ever a change or worsening in their condition occurs. Additionally, it can likely result in risk of harm to patients, resulting in potential treatments before getting discharged. This is exactly why the Texas Board of Nursing took notice, and summoned the RN to defend against the case.

She claimed that she was transitioning her tasks during the evening once the ER closes. She even reviewed all vital signs and already assessed the patient’s conditions based on the notes given to her before she started her duties.

However, she noticed that there was an error in the charting system provided to her, which is actually the fault of a computer, causing the data to become inaccurate. She stated that the rest of the data were properly charted though. She also added that she should not be held accounted for the errors because she never intentionally commit any mistake to her patients. Therefore, the Texas Board of Nursing provided a warning for disciplinary action instead. 

Gladly, she had a good defense by her side, but this could have gotten way better with the help of a proper nurse attorney to back her up. For more information, you can contact Nurse Attorney Yong J. An at (832)-428-5679 for confidential consultation.