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A series of events triggered the involvement of the Texas BON for a Texas nurse whose actions and behavior impaired her ability to make rational, accurate, and appropriate patient assessments as well as judgements, thus; placing the patients in her direct path in potential danger.


The incidents started in September of 2014, when the nurse displayed paranoid behavior at work and stated that her husband and son were trying to poison her.


Around the same timeframe, the nurse also engaged in the intemperate use of Oxazepam, which was determined when she produced a specimen for a drug screen and tested positive for Oxazepam.


Unless you have a prescription for this drug, it is prohibited by the Texas controlled substances act. This drug could have impaired the nurse’s judgement and therefore placed the patients in danger.


A bit later in March of 2015, the nurse exhibited slow speech, and peculiar mannerisms as she appeared to be agitated and paranoid.  Again, the nurse’s actions could have adversely impacted the proper care and well-being of the patients.


As a result, the Texas BON ordered the nurse to participate in a peer assistance program and decided to suspend her license until she:


  1. Applies to, is accepted into and successfully completes enrollment in the Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses (TPAPN) and pays the $350 fee for the program
  2. Waives confidentiality and provides a copy of the fully executed TPAPN participation agreement to the Texas Board.


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