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Whether they work in a hospital, nursing home or clinic, nurses strive to provide quality care to every patient. Nonetheless, mistakes are made. These errors are sometimes administrative. Other times, they relate to patient care. Either way, a mistake can put the nurse’s license in jeopardy.

The Texas (BON) Board of Nursing is responsible for handling complaints and disciplinary actions. They can suspend or revoke a license or require that a nurse attend re-education classes and pay fines. While the Board of Nursing does occasionally uncover instances of malpractice, sometimes the cases they pursue arise from innocent mistakes. Regardless, each of these nurses is entitled to legal representation when their case is brought before the board.

The board publishes all disciplinary actions on its website, making it easy for the public to see how nurses have been punished. Reviewing some of the recent cases, it soon becomes clear that most nurses waive their right to legal counsel. Considering that many of these practitioners then lose their ability to earn a living, it may be more sensible to seek the advice of a lawyer.

In one recent case, a nurse’s license was revoked after she allegedly falsified her renewal application form on more than one occasion. The board argues that she answered “no” to questions concerning her criminal arrest and conviction record. Her license was revoked based on the evidence, but could there have been a chance for a different outcome if she had sought legal advice? It’s impossible to tell at this point.

Another case relates to an LVN who says she was working three jobs to make ends meet. The board claims that she falsified medical records and timesheets. She got away with a warning this time, but the outcome could easily have been different. Another infraction could be bad news for her continued employment.

Texas BON Disciplinary Action: Approached by BON? 

Any nurse who is contacted by the Texas (BON) Board of Nursing in connection with an alleged infraction should reach out to an experienced nursing license defense attorney. Yong J. An has already helped several dozens of nurses in Texas maintain their license and their employment. Even nurses who feel that they made a mistake and should simply accept the board’s decision should not hesitate to contact a Texas nursing license defense lawyer.

It may be possible to prevent your license from being suspended or revoked by calling or texting Yong J. An at (832) 428-5679.  Attorney Yong is available 24/7 so please feel free to contact him as soon as possible.