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An RN License in Texas is subjected before the Texas Board of Nursing for a disciplinary proceeding. An RN should contact the best RN / LVN license attorney in her country should situations like these occur. The help of an RN / LVN license attorney can be their best chance to prevent any revocation of their RN / LVN license.

The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) has full jurisdiction over any cases involving an LVN and RN license. Any RN and LVN proved guilty for any violation with the state and federal laws will undergo disciplinary cases.

On or about November 6, 2015, an RN inappropriately administered Fentanyl and Morphine to her patient. The incorrect medication was committed outside the administration parameters of the physician. The nurse’s conduct could result in the patient to suffer from extreme discomfort, injury and other adverse reactions.

The RN states the patient was already given a 50mcg IV of Fentanyl. However, it had no effect as the patient was still suffering from severe pain. The RN then applied Morphine as an act of good will, without seeing the physician for advice before proceeding.

Her conduct resulted in inaccurate medical treatment; it could likely injure the patient. A physician’s order is essential before administering additional dosages or medications for the patient’s safety. It was regarded as a violation of state law, resulting in disciplinary action or possible revocation of the RN license.

The RN was given a chance to defend the case. She admitted that her medication was for a higher pain level. She added that she should have clarified orders from the hospital’s anesthesiologist to rewrite the initial order. Defending the case could lessen the duration of the disciplinary process, as long as the nurse hires the right lawyer.

When you receive a complaint from the Board, please contact the experienced nurse license attorney. Yong J. An, has had over 13 years of experience in dealing with the Board, and he can guide you through the process. Don’t be alone in this process.

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