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Many factors affect the increase in salaries earned by Texas nurses.  Whether you are a LVN or RN, Texas nurse who has more experience in the field of nursing is expected to earn more compared to those who just started their profession. At the same time, the Texas nurse who has obtained a Master’s Degree is more likely to have a good income compared to someone who only has a Bachelor’s Degree.

The Move From Junior To Senior

At this point, it is important to highlight the fact that a career in nursing is a life-learning career. This means that a nurse will encounter several cases and different patients almost every single day. Every case that you handle allows you to grow in your experience as an LVN or RN nurse. Take note that you have to start as a junior nurse before you can become a senior nurse. The promotion will take place once you have shown that you have acquired the necessary skills to handle a higher-level position.

Meeting Expectations

A junior nurse who is new to the position may not be as efficient compared to a senior nurse who has at least five years of experience. This can be attributed to the fact that the former has a low number of experiences than the latter. At the same time, a senior nurse is considered as more matured compared to a junior nurse. Because of this, the senior nurse is given more complex cases to handle. Aside from this, he is also expected to take charge with all the cases that he has to deal with and to make mature decisions about his acts.

The Issue On Salary

A senior nurse has more complicated duties in the hospital. As already mentioned above, she is expected to make better decisions for the healthcare facility where she works. On the other hand, a junior nurse takes on easy jobs or simple tasks at the hospital. Because of this, he only earns less compared to the former. Take note that the more complex the job gets, the more a person in-charged gets paid. Therefore, it is proper to conclude that the amount of salary increases as the position of a RN or LVN nurse goes up.

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