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Cases related to the professional practice of nursing in Texas may be heard by and decided by the Texas Board of Nursing (BON). If an RN or LVN is found guilty of breaking state rules and regulations and is not effectively defended by a nurse attorney, they may face a disciplinary proceeding.

Incident Scenario: RN’s Conduct Delayed the Onset of Emergency Medical Care

On or about November 22, 201 8, through November 23, 2018, while employed as a staff nurse, the RN attempted to insert a nasogastric (NG) tube in the patient without a physician’s order. In addition, the RN failed to notify the physician of the failed attempt to insert the NG tube. The RN’s conduct exposed the patient to risk for harm from aspiration and/or tissue trauma. It deprived the physician of the opportunity to institute timely medical interventions to stabilize the patient.

On or about November 23, 2018, through November 24, 2018, the RN failed to activate the Rapid Response Team (RRT) when the patient had significant changes in his respiratory status. At 0225, the patient exhibited oxygen saturation Of 83-9 course roles in the lungs and required increased oxygen support. Subsequently, the patient experienced cardiopulmonary arrest at 0302 and was pronounced dead at 0335. The RN’s conduct delayed the onset of emergency medical care and may have contributed to the patient’s demise.

The RN states that at approximately 0500 on 11/23/18, he failed to insert a nasogastric tube without obtaining an order. In addition, the RN states that the Charge Nurse informed him that the patient’s oxygen saturation was dropping, and he told the Charge Nurse that he increased the •patient’s oxygen slightly. Then, when the patient’s respiratory status deteriorated, the RN stated he notified the Respiratory therapist, who changed the patient to a Venti mask, and the patient’s oxygen saturation improved to 91%. The RN states he did not notify the doctor because the patient was on a therapist-driven protocol order’. An hour later, the RN, two Registered Nurses, and an Aide responded when the patient’s respiratory status declined again. The RN states he asked them to call the Rapid Response Team, but Code Blue was called instead. The RN round no pulse, and another Registered Nurse started chest compressions. The RN deliberately responded to the allegations without even the assistance from a nurse attorney.

The RN received disciplinary action for violating Texas Board of Nursing regulations due to her failure to properly present and defend her case in court without the assistance of a Texas nurse attorney.

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