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In order to maintain the integrity and honesty of healthcare professionals, including nurses, it is essential that they accurately record their work hours. However, there may be serious legal and ethical issues associated with instances of falsified time sheets which could jeopardize the reputation or employment of nurses. These actions may have significant consequences, including legal implications and potential consequences for the nurse’s career. To navigate these complex legal matters and protect the RN’s rights, a nurse defense attorney can provide invaluable legal guidance, ensuring a fair process and advocating for the nurse’s best interests throughout any investigations or proceedings. 

The RN was employed as an RN at a medical facility in College Station, Texas, and had been in that position for two (2) months. 

On or about the 21st of February through the 15th of April, 2020, as an RN she falsified her timesheets when she changed the clock-out times and added dates for hours not worked, and subsequently submitted the timesheets for compensation. RN’s conduct resulted in an inaccurate record and was likely to defraud and deceive the facility of money paid to the RN for hours not actually worked. 

As a response, the RN stated the following statements in pertinent part: “I began working in this facility in February. I was shortly briefed on turning in timesheets. I would fill in the dates and times at the beginning of every new week as they would be the same days and times. I was asked to pick up some extra days to work so I put them in at the beginning of the week as well. I would also change the time if I came in early to help or left late due to a patient or circumstance while working. In closing, the facility accepted my timesheet week after week, and I wish to say they never corrected me or advised me differently. As a new traveler within my practice and never having to do handwritten time in timeout, it would have been a good measure to ensure my timesheet was being accurately inputted on a weekly basis.” Falsifying records would definitely stir an issue with the Texas Board of Nursing which will not let incidents like this go. To be equipped and guided throughout the possible proceedings and investigations the RN must hire a proficient nurse attorney to defend herself and most specifically her license. 

The Texas Board of Nursing, after careful consideration, has arrived at the decision to place the RN’s license into disciplinary action. The accusation would have been defended by a seasoned and skilled Texas Nurse Attorney if the RN hired one.

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