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If you also received a letter from the Texas Board of Nursing regarding a case or complaint filed against you, you should hire a nurse attorney immediately before it’s too late. Texas nurse attorney Yong J. An is one of those dedicated nurse lawyers who helped various nurses in their cases since 2006. 

At the time of the initial incident, an RN was employed as a Family Nurse Practitioner and had been in that position for two (2) years and two (2) months. 

On or about August 8, 2017, while employed as a Family Nurse Practitioner, the said RN exceeded her scope of nursing practice by performing an experimental procedure using stem cells, in that she ordered and injected amniotic fluid into the C3-C7 region of the patient’s neck. The RN’s conduct exposed the patient to a risk of harm from unregulated stem cell treatments, including the risk of tumor growth. 

It was on or about the 13th of February 2018, and the 8th of March, 2018, while employed as a Family Nurse Practitioner, the RN exceeded her scope of nursing practice and placed an implantable neurostimulator device on the aforementioned patient, in order to treat cervical disc pain. The AnSiStim device is an electro-acupuncture device that is FDA approved for the practice of acupuncture by qualified practitioners of acupuncture; the electrical stimulation of auricular acupuncture points is considered investigational medicine. The action of the RN exposed the patient to a risk of harm from the use of an unregulated medical device. 

In relation to the situation, the RN states that the patient came to the office with complaints of degeneration in her neck and requested stem cell injections in conjunction with rehab and other treatments. According to the RN, they discussed a treatment plan together, including trigger point injections in the posterior cervical musculature with ultrasound guidance at the levels of C3-C7. The RN stated that the patient gave verbal and written consent for the stem cell procedure. In terms of the incident that occurred, according to the RN, the patient returned and stated that her pain had improved and she had increased range of motion but was still experiencing radiation symptoms. The said RN said that she placed a superficial peripheral nerve neurostimulator, an AnSiStim device on the patient’s ear; in her experience, the devices have proven effective in treating radiation and painful conditions in a minimally invasive way. It was also indicated by the RN that she received training from the manufacturer on how to place this device. The RN adds that the patient continued to come to the office for rehab and adjustments and never had complaints about her treatment; additionally, The RN is a licensed chiropractor and the patient would consistently request that the RN should be the one to adjust her when she came into the office.  

The Texas Board of Nursing gave the LVN the chance to defend herself. However, she was not able to provide a good defense for herself, especially when the evidence was brought up to her. Therefore, the Board placed her nursing license to a disciplinary action instead.

It’s best to seek the help of a nurse attorney when facing charges. However, some nurses tend to face these results instead without thinking that nurse attorneys are always reliable for matters such as these.

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