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Anyone who wants to become a professional nurse in the state of Texas needs to go through several processes. This is the main reason why you should be careful when doing your job, or else, complaints or charges might be filed against you. Without the help of a nurse attorney, you might get suspended by the Texas Board of Nursing.

On or about December 10, 2020, while employed as a Registered Nurse at a hospital in Kingsville, Texas, the RN may have lacked the fitness to practice nursing in that she admitted to attempting to self-harm. The RN was subsequently evaluated and not cleared to return to work and referred to the Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses, where on or about February 26, 2021, the RN submitted a specimen for a drug screen that produced a positive result for Ethyl Glucuronide (54,500ng/mL) and Ethyl Sulfate (9510 ng/mL), both metabolites of alcohol.

As a response, the RN states that she went to the emergency department for a small laceration on her wrist that required three (3) stitches. She was seen by the mental health professional, and then cleared for discharge. The RN states she let her nurse manager know the details of what had happened, that she had not been attempting to commit suicide, but that she deliberately cut herself in the area of her wrist and cut it more deeply than intended. The RN states while participating in TPAPN, she was returning from a visit and had two (2) glasses of wine at the airport. The RN states she was not aware that she would be testing for alcohol. The RN states the evaluation she received from the doctor, had significant mistakes, including one that stated she was seen in the ED for psychiatric treatment, which was patently and near negligently, false. The RN states she felt like the substance abuse emphasis of the program was overshadowing the mental health aspect. The RN states she has been seeing a therapist every two (2) weeks, and intends to continue therapy.

As a result, to the RN’s conduct, the RN will be facing disciplinary action from the Texas Board of Nursing and may receive further sanctions. The evidence received is sufficient to prove that there is violation(s) and is cause pursuant to Section 301.452(b)(10) & (13).

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