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Patient care is at the heart of the nursing profession, necessitating extreme dedication and adherence to set protocols to protect the safety and well-being of people entrusted to a healthcare professional’s care. Unfortunately, there are times when LVNs are accused of providing substandard care, endangering the patient’s health, and raising major issues about their capability to carry out what they are expected to do. In such cases, a nurse attorney can give critical legal help to the LVN by leading them through any disciplinary processes and arguing for their rights while responding to the allegations fairly and justly.

She had been working as an LVN at a hospital in Richardson, Texas, for a year and five months when the incident occurred.

During the period of March 3, 2020, to March 4, 2020, the LVN working at a hospital in Richardson, Texas, fell short of providing appropriate care to a patient. In particular, the LVN overlooked the application of body belts for nephrostomy bags, which would have allowed the bags to swing freely while the patient was ambulatory; it was also reported that the LVN failed to help the patient get out of bed, left him alone unmonitored on multiple occasions; and hadn’t assisted the patient in getting to the urinal and the commode as needed. All of these actions contributed to the patient’s nephrostomy drainage bag problems. 

As a result, the patient fell backward, striking his back against the bedrail, and urine flowed out of the nephrostomy bag onto him. Furthermore, the patient was compelled to use his water cup as a urinal at one point, resulting in spills next to him in his bed. The LVN’s actions put the patient at unnecessary risk of harm due to insufficient treatment.

This conduct violates the Texas Occupations Code and TEX ADMIN. CODE. There was a lot of evidence against the LVN. She was unable to present her case in court without the help of a nurse attorney, and consequently, her nursing license was subject to disciplinary action.

Ensuring the patient’s safety is our utmost priority as healthcare providers. We have to pay even more attention to that obligation when our patient is unable to do so, particularly in the case of those who are disabled or completely bedridden.

Prevent similar events from occurring on your end. In the event that the Texas Board of Nursing (BON) receives a complaint against you, be sure to select the best defense lawyer. It is important to obtain the help of an experienced Texas nursing attorney for further information or for a private consultation regarding accusations. Over the course of the last 16 years, Yong J. An, a Texas nurse attorney, has defended RNs and LVNs in over 300 nursing cases. Contact him at (832) 428-5679 if you would like to discuss nursing license case defenses in more detail or to get started.