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The essential requirement for healthcare providers is to ensure the safety and trust of patients in their care, by treating them with professionalism and respect. In some cases, though, the professionalism of LVNs and their ability to uphold patients’ rights can be seriously undermined by inappropriate conduct from them. Such actions are not merely detrimental to the dignity of patients, but also raise questions about a nurse’s ability to maintain appropriate boundaries and respect for their autonomy. In the event of an accusation of unprofessional conduct, seeking the assistance of a nurse defense attorney can help to navigate the legal maze, protect the rights of LVNs, and ensure a fair assessment of the situation, while advocating for the best interests of LVNs throughout the process. A sample case scenario for reference is highlighted below.

On or about the 15th of March, 2021, at a healthcare facility in Midland, Texas, an RN had engaged in inappropriate behavior with a patient. The RN had been employed in the said position, for six (6) years and eight (8) months. The RN while holding a cup of water for the patient, verbally taunted the patient, lowered his mask, and pretended to drink the patient’s water. The RN’s conduct was likely to cause emotional injury to the patient and could have interfered or disrupted this patient’s treatment. 

In response to the above incident, the RN stated that he had known the patient for approximately three and a half years, and on the day of the incident, the patient knocked on the nurse’s station glass door several times, stared at the staff and asked for cups of water. The RN explained that he filled the patient’s cup with water and asked the patient why he was so thirsty. The patient said he wasn’t thirsty, just bored, and then laughed. So the RN then raised the cup of water, pretended to drink from it, and unconsciously lowered his mask. Moreover, the RN stated that there was a glass door between them and he placed his mask back on and then opened the door and gave the patient the cup of water. Finally, he explained that after watching a video of the incident, he realized what he did was wrong and that he did not demonstrate proper professional behavior. The RN stated that he had violated PPE policy, but denied the accusation of him taunting the patient. The RN involved will be able to present his case in court competently if hiring a skilled nurse attorney is his priority. 

The Texas Board of Nursing had deemed the RN and his license for disciplinary action. The accusation would have been defended by a seasoned and skilled Texas Nurse Attorney, had the RN only prioritized hiring one. 

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