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Allegations, accusations, and complaints at work are serious cases, which is why a nurse attorney is needed if you get accused of this kind of scenario. However, there are some nurses who would think that they are guilty of the violations and that there is no way to get out of such a mess and failed to hire a nurse attorney just because they thought it was the doom for their license already. But that is not entirely the case as there is still hope.

At the time of the initial incident, Respondent was employed as a Licensed Vocational Nurse at a hospital in Fresno, Texas, and had been in that position for eight (8) months.

On or about October 30, 2020, while employed as a Licensed Vocational Nurse, the LVN pawned patient’s 1.5 karat diamond gold/yellow wedding ring valued at nine thousand four hundred ninety-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents ($9,499.99) at Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange, Grand Prairie, Texas. The LVN was identified as the individual who had pawned the ring.

Furthermore, on or about November 5, 2020, the LVN was arrested by the Police for THEFT PROP $30k, a State Jail felony offense. The LVN’s conduct could have caused financial loss to the patient and resulted in confusion between the LVN’s needs and those of the patient. Additionally, the LVN’s conduct may have caused delayed distress for the patient, which may not be recognized or felt by the patient until harmful consequences occur.

In regards to the incidents, the LVN states she did not steal from this patient. The LVN states her assigned work area in conjunction with this patient’s room is not even in the same area, and she rarely would come in contact with the s patient. The LVN states she was not the charge nurse for this patient.

As a result, the LVN is subjected to and will face disciplinary actions from the Texas Board of Nursing (BON). The LVN may be fined and be in jail for this matter. However, she failed to hire an experienced nurse attorney for proper assistance, causing her to undergo such procedures.

Losing your LVN or RN license can compromise your career. However, a skilled nurse attorney can greatly help you in major cases such as this. For assistance regarding your nurse license case, it’s best to contact Nurse Attorney Yong J. An by contacting him at (832) 428-5679.