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Accurate and comprehensive documentation is a critical responsibility for LVNs, ensuring proper patient care, communication, and accountability within the healthcare setting. Nevertheless, serious concerns about the nurse’s compliance with medical standards and the safety of patients may arise in cases where no or incorrect documentation has been provided. Such discrepancies in documentation could lead to an investigation into the actions of LVNs and may have a material impact on their professional status. A nurse defense attorney can provide vital legal support, ensuring a fair and just process, while advocating for the best interests of the LVN throughout all investigations and proceedings, in order to navigate these complex legal issues and protect the rights of the LVN.

Scenario: LVN Alleged of Failure to Document Medication Error

At the time of the incident, the RN was employed as an LVN at a mental healthcare facility in Corpus Christi, Texas, and had been in the said position for nine (9) months. 

While on duty, on or about the 30th of July, 2020, the LVN failed to completely and accurately document all the details in the medical record of a patient. She failed to input details such as that; the physician was notified regarding the accidental ingestion of another patient’s medication, the patient was educated on possible side effects of the medication, the patient was monitored appropriately, vital signs were taken and monitored, and that one of the patient’s medications was held by the physician. Subsequently, the aforementioned patient’s physician documented the following day that she did not know why the patient’s medication was held. The LVN’s conduct resulted in an incomplete and inaccurate medical record and was likely to injure the patient in that subsequent caregivers did not have complete and accurate information on which to base their decisions for further care. 

As a response, the LVN stated that she had administered the medication to the wrong patient. She also added that during medication pass time, nurses would call every patient up to the nursing station desk for medication and the patients are identified by name, date of birth, picture, and identification bracelet before medications are given. Furthermore, the LVN stated additionally that the patient was properly identified, medication was called out, and the pill was placed in the medication cup. At the time the incident occurred, the medication was handed to the patient, and then another patient was waiting for his/her medication. Moving on, the LVN also stated that upon intake of the said medication, the patient had to put the cup, where the pill is in, down for he forgot his water. The patient behind him, on the other hand, walked his way up and took the medication like it was his. In addition to the LVN’s statement, she said that she had asked the other patient, who took the medication that wasn’t meant for him, why he took the medication when he had not been called yet. As a result, they had to keep the said patient checked and have his vitals taken, and the medical doctor on duty was notified, with orders received to hold the patient’s trazodone that was due for that night. In the final statement from the LVN regarding the incident, she stated that she had completed the incident report and informed her supervisor about the whole thing. The LVN’s behavior has definitely opened an adverse possibility to her license, for incidents like this will not let the Board of Nursing in the state of Texas, pass. A trusted nurse attorney will be mostly needed in a situation like this specifically for the LVN involved. 

A case was ultimately filed against her before the Texas Board of Nursing (BON). The said allegation was detrimental to the LVN’s capability to perform the essential functions and duties. Sadly, the nursing defense attorney who handled her case was not able to properly defend her interests and rights before the Board. She was found guilty of the offense alleged in the complaint and decided to place her RN license under disciplinary action.

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