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Your nearest nurse attorney can assist you even in uncommon cases such as intervening in medical treatment without any authorization or advise from a doctor. However, most nurses are not aware of this, which is why this particular RN from San Antonio faced disciplinary action for assisting other residents unnecessarily.

The incident happened on or about January 13, 2016, when the RN entered the sterile operating room area without wearing the right outfit for the area. Instead, she wore civilian attire when she entered the operating room. Additionally, she was off-duty at the time and did not notify every one of her presence in the operating room or the hospital.

The said action done by the RN might have caused patients or other people to any risk of unnecessary harm. It’s important to remember that the sterile operating room requires the right attire and authorization before entering, as outside elements may contaminate the equipment and the patient being operated inside the area.

The Texas Board of Nursing took immediate notice upon this serious matter and summoned the RN for a hearing against her case. She stated before the Board that she assisted some of the residents in the area in order to make the operation successful when she visited the hospital. However, the Board does not allow such an excuse, which is why it was best for the RN to hire a nurse attorney in the first place.

The Texas Board of Nursing sentenced her RN license into disciplinary action to ensure that she will be able to perform the right ethics, as well as follow the guidelines of the hospital in the future. It is extremely important for all nurses to follow the rules of their hospital, and even simple errors like wearing civilian attire in the operating room must be strictly followed.

If you ever violated any guidelines in your hospital, but have a good reason for your defense, it’s best to seek legal consultation first with a nurse attorney. For the best counseling you can ever receive for your case, Mr. Yong J. An is here to help you out. You may contact him at (832)-428-5679 for further details.