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LVN nurse needs to obtain a nurse license before he can be allowed to conduct medical care or health care services. The Texas Board of Nursing imposes certain rules and regulations that must be followed by every licensed nurse. This is important because failure to comply with the Texas Board of Nursing administrative orders or resolutions may result in the revocation their license nurse.

In one case, a Texas LVN nurse named Edgar was charged before the Texas Board of Nursing (BON) for his lack of fitness to practice nursing. In the complaint against him, it was stated that on or about December 9, 2016, while employed as a charge nurse with a rehabilitation care center, the LVN nurse failed to initiate cardio- pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) after finding a patient unresponsive with no reparations or pulse, and a yellow cast to his skin tone. Instead of acting fast, the LVN nurse merely checked the code status of the patient.

The resident patient was found to be full code, and CPR was initiated by the other LVN nurse on duty. Furthermore, Edgar returned to assist in CPR and performed compressions for the patient, but failed to use the proper device in the process. He immediately placed the patient on a cardiac monitor. Unfortunately, the patient died after the occurrence of such event. Because of this, the family members filed a case against the LVN nurse alleging that his act resulted to the demise of the patient.

The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) found him guilty for the charge. The story of the LVN nurse Edgar only shows how challenging it is to keep hold of your LVN license in Texas. Make sure that you know how to avoid a situation like this from happening in the future. Prepare yourself by engaging the services of an LVN nurse attorney.

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