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Any RN or LVN who is guilty of violating state laws and issuances from the Texas Board of Nursing (BON) may be subjected to penalties or fines. As a matter of fact, the RN or LVN license can even be suspended or revoked. To avoid this, it is important to look for the right nurse attorney.

The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) is the government agency that has jurisdiction to hear and decide administrative cases involving RN licenses and LVN licenses.  The BON has the power to suspend and/or revoke the nurse license.  It is also the agency that is responsible for overseeing the practice of professional nursing all over the State of Texas.

On or about March 24, 2003, an RN from Houston was sentenced to life in prison for murdering three children and an elderly woman in her care by giving them a lethal dose of drugs.

The 41-year-old RN was also found guilty of attempting to murder two more children and another elderly woman. But she was cleared of trying to kill 11 more patients, including a 91-year-old woman.

The RN, who wrote in her diary of giving in to her “compulsions” and whom police authorities had described as a psychopath, denied the charges.

She had been charged with killing 13 patients and attempting to murder five between February 1997 and September 2001 by giving them lethal doses of substances like potassium and chronic painkillers while working in several hospitals in Houston.

According to the RN, she gave in to her compulsions and she doesn’t even know why she was doing it. She adds that she will take this secret with her into the grave. Also, she told police authorities she was referring in her diary to her compulsive interest in Tarot cards, commonly used in fortune-telling. She told the police she had laid out Tarot cards for some of her critically ill patients but and been concerned this would land her in trouble with hospital authorities.

The RN was given the chance to defend her license but she failed due to a lack of proper defense from a nurse attorney. Unfortunately, her license was disciplined.

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