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A licensed nurse has a lot of responsibilities to take. As an individual who has a valid professional license to practice the nursing professions, there are high expectations from her. The patients expect her to deliver proper medication and perform efficiently in rendering medical assistance. Her fellow colleagues also expect the nurse to help in achieving the goals of the medical facility or institution. At the same time, RN or LVN nurse is also expected to comply with the several laws and rules promulgated by the State.

In the recent case we learned of, a RN nurse named Alex was arrested by certain police officers. The arrest of the professional licensed nurse was based on the allegation of the officers that she did not follow their orders. They claim that such act of the nurse constitutes a gross violation of the law.

The nurse prevented a police officer from drawing a blood out of an unconscious patient. Despite the repeated demands of the officer, the RN nurse stood on her ground and continued driving away the officer from the medical facility. Unfortunately for the officer, the entire incident was recoded through a body cam. After an investigation was conducted, it was found out that the RN nurse did not committed any violation at all. In fact, the officer should be the one who shall be held liable.

Because of what happened, there is a new law now which prevents licensed RN or LVN nurses from dealing with law enforcement agents. There is already a rule wherein the police officers and other law enforcement officials are already mandated to talk, deal or negotiate with the health supervisors. These supervisors are highly trained when it comes to knowing the laws and statues applicable in every case.

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