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So you have found yourself in an unfortunate position with the Texas BON and now you must protect your nursing license and your livelihood.


What do you do? Where do you start? Do you need a lawyer?


There are a couple of options on how you can handle the matter.  You could opt to handle it yourself, however, doing so may jeopardize your nursing license and nursing career.  It may seem that you have the situation under control, but there have been other cases where many nurses felt the same way, but unfortunately learned the hard way that their outcome was less than favorable.


The other option is that you could hire a criminal defense attorney to help you with your case.  The caveat of hiring a criminal defense attorney is that although they have handled hundreds of criminal cases, they may not have any experience handling nurse license defense cases dealing with the Texas Board of Nursing.


Because there are many intricacies in the nursing industry; only an attorney who has handled these types of cases can counsel you based on his/her experience in handling previous cases that were similar.


It is best to search for a Texas nurse license defense attorney who has years of handling cases in the nurse license defense area.


Below is a list of questions to ask an attorney you are considering hiring:


  1. How many years have they been handling nurse license defense cases?
  2. How many cases have they successfully handled over the years?
  3. Have they handled a case that is similar to yours and what was the outcome?
  4. Do they have legal expertise in the Board of Nursing disciplinary process?



Need Nurse License Defense in Texas? Consult a Texas Nurse Attorney Today


It doesn’t hurt to consult an experienced Texas nurse attorney who has over 10 years of experience successfully handling nurse license defense cases in Texas.  Attorney Yong J. An has handled several dozens of nurse license defense cases and helped many nurses save their license and/or lessen their charges.


Attorney Yong offers a confidential, no obligation consultation and is available to take your call via phone or text 24/7.  You can reach him directly at (832) 428-5679. 


When it comes to nurse license defense in Texas, attorney Yong has handled cases all over Texas, including: Houston, Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, and San Antonio.