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If you are a nurse practicing in the state of Texas, and you are approached by the Texas BON with formal charges, it is important to handle the matter in a prompt and professional manner.


Let’s review a case study of a nurse in Texas who was facing charges by the Texas BON and failure to act in a timely manner prompted disciplinary action by the BON that resulted in revocation of nursing license and administrative fees.


1st Charge: 


In April of 2014, the nurse failed to comply with the Agreed Order issued by the Texas Board of Nursing in April 2013.  The nurse was supposed to successfully complete a course in Texas nursing jurisprudence and ethics and failed to do so.


2nd Charge:


The non-compliance of the nurse’s failure to comply with the 2nd stipulation which stated:  within one year of this Order, the nurse must complete the course “Sharpening Critical Thinking Skills” an online program provided by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing Learning Extension



3rd Charge:


The nurse entered a plea of guilty to theft by check over $500 under $1,500 (Class A misdemeanor offense) in December of 2013.  As a result of the plea, the proceedings against the nurse were deferred, and the nurse was placed on probation for 9 months and was also ordered to pay court costs.



4th Charge:


In December of 2014, the nurse provided false, deceptive, or misleading information in an Online Renewal Document the Texas BON.


As a result, the nurse’s license was revoked, and the nurse was responsible for the cost of the proceedings in the amount of at least $1200.00.


Houston Nurse Attorney Explains How This Could Have Been Avoided


One of the most important aspects of avoiding disciplinary action is to comply with the Texas BON.  The other important aspect is to consult an experienced Houston nurse attorney who can guide and counsel you on how to best handle your case and ultimately increase your chances of saving your nursing license.


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