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There are certain instances where nurses may forget to document when they take a certain medication, which is why a nurse attorney is available for assistance. A certain scenario like this happened on a San Antonio LVN when she was accused of misappropriating a vial of medication from a dispensing system.

The incident occurred on or about January 13, 2016, when the RN took a vial of Toradol from the operating room. There were reports indicating that she used the medication for her own use only, and not for any patient. However, there is a report saying that she also did another offense while in the operating room.

On the same date, a resident caught her entering the operating room where she took the vial of medication without wearing the appropriate attire. The operating room was said to have no people in it, which is why she decided to enter without changing her attire.

The resulting action could have deceived any patient from the cost of the medication that she took. Additionally, she might have contaminated some of the equipment from the operating room of any outside elements due to unauthorized entry without any sterile outfit.

The Texas Board of Nursing makes sure that cases like these are being observed immediately, which is why the LVN was summoned for a hearing regarding her case. However, she lacked any proper defense before the Board because she was not able to hire a good nurse attorney in the first place. Thus, the Board placed her LVN license into disciplinary action.

It’s always important to find a nurse attorney for assistance if you’ve ever been accused of taking any prescription drugs, controlled substance, or any medication from the hospital or pharmacy. For more information regarding the right defense for these accusations, it’s best to contact the nurse attorney Yong J. An. He is a nurse attorney who has helped over cases like this since 2006, and you may contact him by dialing (832)-428-5679.