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If a nurse in Laredo is terminated for unjust reasons, they will need a Laredo nurse attorney to help them get back to their work. One of the examples where a client failed to hire the right Laredo nurse attorney will be discussed in this case.

On or about June 30, 2019, while employed in Laredo, the RN allegedly failed to intervene; including failure to notify the physician and failure to implement appropriate nursing interventions, when a patient experienced an acute change in condition, including respiratory distress with decreased oxygen saturation.

Further, the RN failed to recognize the signs of ongoing respiratory distress and, instead, administered Haldol for agitation as the patient continued to deteriorate. The Rapid Response Team was later initiated and the patient intubated. Her conduct resulted in a delay in treatment and was likely to injure the patient from lack of appropriate nursing and medical care,

In response to the incident, the RN states the patient was restless during the shift and continued to remove the oxygen mask. She states education was provided to the patient on the importance of not removing the oxygen mask. She further states upon return to the patient’s room, the oxygen mask had been removed and the patient’s heart rate was low. She states she immediately went to get assistance and also states all telephones are outside the patients’ rooms and nurses do not carry mobile phones. The RN assisted with resuscitation efforts until the code team arrived. She also states she believed she had completed all nursing notes prior to departing at the end of her shift.

Because of the incident, the nurse was disciplined for violating Texas Board of Nursing regulations. The RN also failed to hire a Laredo nurse attorney to properly defend her side of the story.

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