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The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) has the jurisdiction to hear and decide cases involving the practice of professional nursing in Texas. Any RN or LVN found guilty for violating the state laws and regulations may be subjected to a disciplinary case if not properly defended by a nurse attorney. 

One of the best examples where a client failed to hire the right nurse attorney will be discussed in this case. 

On or about September 1, 2014, through October 6, 2014, an RN from Houston falsified two hospital forms for her son and her son’s friend to excuse their absences from school, when they were not patients at the facility. Her conduct deceived the school and could have resulted in inaccurate school health records.

In response to the accusations filed against her, the RN states the school district began threatening to take her to court, due to the number of absences her son has accumulated, so she had the charge nurse write her son a note. Shortly after this incident, the RN states her son’s friend came down with a stomach bug, and she offered to write the boy a school note. The RN denies signing the notes with the signatures of other nurses.

The RN failed to properly present and defend her case against the court. She was disciplined warning to a suspension of her RN license by violating the Texas Board of Nursing regulation.

Avoid a similar thing from happening on your end. Make sure to find the right nurse attorney in case a complaint will be filed against you before the Texas Board of Nursing (BON).

Consult with Texas nurse attorney Yong J. An today if you have any questions about your disciplinary process by calling or texting him at (832) 428-5679 day, night or weekends.