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Failure to follow wastage procedures is just a common error that can be discussed properly with the Texas Board of Nursing, which is why a nurse attorney can back you up with that. Any registered nurse or licensed vocational nurse who fails to follow wastage procedures should contact a nurse attorney immediately. A nurse attorney can provide valuable assistance in resolving the case.

On June 17, 2016 to July 10, 2016, an RN working in San Antonio signed out more than 50 syringes of chronic pain medication. However, she failed to follow the procedure for the wastage of its unused portions. The resulting action left most of the medications unaccounted for. The RN might potentially deceive the facility as well. Additionally, the resulting action may leave the hospital in violating the Texas Health and Safety Code because the chronic pain medication is a controlled substance.

The Board noticed this complaint and summoned the RN for a hearing against the case filed against her. This is where a nurse attorney should have provided assistance and consultation, had the RN hired one in the first place

The RN stated during the hearing that it is common for almost any nurse to miss out on the documentation if it does not negatively affect the patient. However, updated hospital policies strictly require the RNs to place proper documentation already.

Gladly, the RN was only given a warning for disciplinary action by the Texas Board of Nursing. Fortunately, the RN only received one instance of failure to follow wastage procedures. But still, she should have contacted a nurse attorney for further assistance to gain further protection against the case she was facing, regardless of the counts of her cases and errors.

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