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In a recent survey by the Houston Health Department, the number of Covid-19 infected Houstonians could be up to 4 times higher than what was previously believed. Here is the report from

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner shared the results during a Monday briefing updating the status of Houston’s antibody testing initiative. In early September, antibody tests were conducted on nearly 700 volunteers from 42 homes randomly selected throughout Houston, according to the Houston Health Department.

Data from the antibody testing revealed that approximately 13.5 percent—or 250,000 residents—had already been infected by COVID-19 by September 19. At the time, only 57,000 COVID-19 cases had been confirmed through viral testing in Houston.

The antibody testing was the result of a collaboration of Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University and the Houston Health Department.”Transparency is a critical part of our mission during the pandemic and our goal is to keep the public informed about the COVID-19 infection rate and how people can practice safe and healthy habits,” Turner said.

Here’s a breakdown of the results of the antibody survey:

  • More young people under the age of 40 had the antibody
  • More women than men had the antibody
  • More Hispanics and Black people tested positive for the antibody than non-Hispanic White volunteers
  • More people with COVID-19 antibodies lived in high positivity areas of Houston than lower positivity areas


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Notwithstanding the new norm created by this pandemic, it is not a hidden secret that the nursing community is also facing some long-understood truths, that is nurses are underpaid, undervalued, and sometimes treated as expendable. But this doesn’t remove the nurse’s will to help treat their patients the best they can.

However, because of the exhaustion, this pandemic is giving to the nursing community, some nurses may accidentally fail to do their work nicely. Because of this, they may face a disciplinary hearing by the Texas Board of Nursing.

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