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Every year, many nurses face disciplinary action by the Texas BON.   Many of these nurses fail to consult an experienced Texas BON attorney and as a result end up taking actions based only on instinct and at many times, ill-informed advice from outsiders.   The result of not responding to a letter from the Texas BON in a timely manner or taking the proper precautions to carefully prepare for your case with the Texas BON can result in unfortunate circumstances.  Many nurses also waive their rights to a hearing and do not realize that their chance of a more favorable outcome may increase by consulting an experienced nurse lawyer before making any rash decisions.

Let’s examine the case of a nurse in Texas who received sanctions of warning with stipulations and a fine because he waived notice and hearing and agreed to an entry order submitted by the executive director in April of 2016.

In February 2016, the nurse failed to perform daily wound care for a patient at a Houston medical facility.  As a result of the nurse’s negligence, the patient developed an infection that required an oral antibiotic treatment.  It was concluded that the nurse’s failure to provide routine wound care resulted in complications that led to an infection.

Furthermore, the nurse indicated on the patient chart that the wound care was performed, when in fact, it was not performed.   The nurse’s actions could impact future caretakers to provide medical care based on inaccurate or missing information, thus jeopardizing the quality of the healthcare provided by the medical facility.

The nurse was surprised that he missed providing the wound care but contributed his carelessness to the fact that he had been overly tired from his travels, having to work a double shift and having to care for approximately 15 patients.

The nurse stated that his actions were not malicious or intentional and more so unintentional human error on his part.

As a result, the nurse received sanctions of warning with stipulations and a fine in accordance with the terms of the order.

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