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A nurse attorney can still defend you if you received a complaint due to poor performance at work. It is a right for every nurse to seek professional help if they need to defend themselves against a case that they never intended to do. Sadly, some nurses fail at this part, causing them to lose or get their license suspended.

An incident of poor performance happened on or about August 9, 2014, when an LVN from San Antonio was performing horribly at work. At first, her co-workers noticed that she exhibited slurred speech with an unsteady gait. Afterward, they noticed that her performance seems to be impaired as if she was not at her right state of mind when treating a patient.

The following action could have caused unnecessary harm to the patient, as well as poorly communicate with everyone present at the hospital. Therefore, the hospital’s staff advised her to undergo a blood alcohol test, which resulted positive for alcohol use. The hospital has proven that the LVN was drunk at the time, and may affect treatments during her shift.

She was advised by the Texas Board of Nursing to defend against the complaint filed against her. She admitted that she had a drink after returning home from work. She also made dinner and took a rest, but was called for an emergency treatment at the hospital.

However, she felt that she can function properly at work, which is why she went despite her condition. She then realized that it was a wrong move for her to drink too much, knowing that it would affect her duties when she gets called for emergency treatment.

Therefore, the Texas Board of Nursing placed her LVN license into disciplinary action to ensure that she will commit to working with the right ethics in mind. Alcohol use may be safe for nurses after work. But they should be mindful that emergencies can happen in a hospital, wherein they might need to perform the treatment at any given time once the hospital calls to them.

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