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Nurses undergo an intensive process to become licensed in Texas. Of course, the work toward becoming the best nurse possible never really ends. It’s why they take continuing education courses and stay on top of all of the latest advances in providing better patient care.


In spite of all of this preparation, mishaps and misunderstandings may still arise. It may mean that the nurse receives a summons to appear before the Texas Board of Nursing. Here is some helpful know-how to help you through this sometimes confusing process.


Please hire a Knowledgeable Houston Nurse License Defense Attorney


Too many nurses go before the Board without even considering hiring an attorney. They are afraid that having legal counsel will be costly or that you can do it all alone.  Please understand that this legal process and BON may take away your nurse license.  Working with an experienced lawyer merely demonstrates a dedication to preserving our professional reputation and your ability to earn a living.


Speak for Yourself


Your attorney will help you prepare a presentation to the Board that is more likely to help you preserve your license. If you wish to speak to the Board members directly, your attorney will assist you in defending and preparing your case in a positive light.


Dress for Success


Presenting a well-groomed, professional appearance will make a favorable impression on the Board. Again, this demonstrates your commitment to your profession and maintaining your license.


Be Professional, and Sincere


Whether there was a mistake or not, it will be critical for you to discuss with your attorney how to present your case.


If you have been summoned to appear before the Texas Board of Nursing, don’t face it alone. Contact an experienced Texas nurse defense attorney today. Yong J. An can be reached by phone or text on a 24/7 basis at (832) 428-5679. With his knowledge and skill, he may be able to protect your license to practice in Texas.