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There are many different types of actions and conduct that may call for disciplinary action to be taken by the Texas BON.   Every year, hundreds of nurses in Texas may face disciplinary action by the Texas Board of Nursing (BON).   For some nurses, they are being disciplined for taking unauthorized prescriptions from the hospital dispensary for their own personal gain, others face disciplinary action due to quality of care, and many others for sexual relations or even fraud.


Let’s examine a particular case study of a nurse who was a registered nurse at a home healthcare facility in Houston.   In July of 2012, the nurse failed to assess and evaluate the status of the patient’s medical record, following an unsuccessful attempt to remove a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) line.  When the patient was experiencing respiratory distress, the nurse failed to notify the physician that the patient has a significant change in mental status and respiratory distress, and the nurse also failed to ensure patient safety prior to leaving her shift.


As a result of the nurse’s conduct deprived the patient’s physician of important information that would be required to implement timely medical intervention and as a result exposed the patient to unnecessary harm from complications due to undiagnosed and consequently untreated disease processes.


The second mistake that contributed to this nurse losing her license occurred in August of 2012, in which the nurse failed to document the skilled nursing visits for the patient.  The nurse’s conduct resulted in an incomplete medial record and exposed the patient to unnecessary harm because subsequent caretakers would rely on accurate and timely information.


The third mistake that occurred was the same as the second mistake, expect that this time the nurse failed to document the skilled nursing visits for a different patient.



Are You Facing Disciplinary Action by the Texas BON?


If you are facing disciplinary action by the Texas BON, it is best to speak to a knowledgeable and experienced nurse attorney who has experience handling Texas Board of Nursing cases.


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