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Are you interested in getting a professional nursing license in the state of Texas? Did you know that your dream of becoming a nurse is not an easy thing to achieve? You need a lot of focus and determination to finish your nursing education. Once you graduate, the next step to take is to pass the board exam. Upon passing the examination, you are already considered as a member of the professional nurses in the state.

All LVN or RN nurses are under the jurisdiction of the Texas Board of Nursing (BON). All complaints or cases concerning the practice of the nursing license are lodged before the Texas Board of Nursing (BON). Thereafter, the members of the Board will hear the case and decide on the issues or matters submitted for resolution. The parties charged are given opportunity to be heard. This is part of their right to due process.

In one of the recent cases decided by the Texas Board of Nursing (BON), a particular RN nurse named Joseph failed to defend his nursing license. Before a case was filed against him, he was employed as a staff nurse in a state hospital.

While employed as an Emergency Department Nurse, he incorrectly documented administering Zosyn and Vancomycin to a patient. At the same time, he also failed to use an infusion pump to ensure the medications were correctly administered at the ordered infusion rates. As a result, the nurse administered Zosyn 50ml to the patient over a period of, not more than fourteen minutes, instead of at the rate of 12.5m./hr over a period of four hours as ordered.

When the Zosyn administration was finished, the RN nurse started the Vancomycin infusion. An undetermined volume of the substance was infused before another nurse entered the room. The other nurse stopped the infusion after noting that it was administered without the pump. Shortly thereafter, the physician determined that the patient’s redness and itching were due to an allergic reaction to both Zosyn and Vancomycin.

Because of the negligent act of the RN nurse, a case was filed against him. However, all he did was to ignore the notice and summons from the Texas Board of Nursing (BON). The RN nurse did not even bother to find a nursing defense lawyer to help him during the litigation. The trial proceeded without him presenting some evidence to prove his innocence. All these events led to the finding of guilty on his part. The Texas Board of Nursing ordered for the revocation of his nursing license.

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