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A licensed nurse in Texas whether an RN or an LVN can and may be subjected to a disciplinary proceeding before the Texas Board of Nursing. Whenever an LVN or RN finds herself/himself in such a situation, he/she will need to find the best nurse attorney in the country. This is important, as it will be your only chance to protect your license. Otherwise, the Board of Nursing may find you guilty of the administrative case or the accusation and the Board may order the suspension or revocation of your license.

At the time of the incident, the RN was employed as a Staff Registered Nurse (RN) at a hospital in Grand Prairie, Texas and had been in that position for one (1) year and four (4) months.

It was on or about March 18, 2017, while employed as a Staff RN, the RN failed to properly complete a comprehensive assessment of the patient when it was reported that the aforementioned patient had a change of condition. The RN performed an incomplete assessment and failed to document the findings. The RN’s conduct could have injured the patient based upon incomplete assessment information, and created an incomplete medical record.

In regards to the incident above, the RN states that she wasn’t assigned to the patient in question, nor was she supervising the LVN who was assigned to the patient. The RN indicates that there wasn’t a nursing supervisor working that day. The RN relates that she was at the nurse’s station when a certified nursing assistant (CNA) informed the LVN that the patient was acting differently. The RN explains that she entered the room and the LVN was speaking to the patient. The RN adds that she asked the patient if he was in pain and if he knew where he was, and he said no and that he was in a nursing home. The RN states she didn’t see that the patient was in any distress or pain, and he didn’t present with any altered mental status, but she advised the LVN to send him to the ER just to be cautious. The RN indicates that the patient stated he didn’t want to go, and the LVN said she wasn’t going to send him out but was going to call the on-call physician. The RN adds that around noon she went into the patient’s room and saw a CNA feeding him, and soon after the LVN said she had received orders for a chest x-ray. The RN states that she was charting at the nurse’s station when the patient’s roommate came and said that the patient was foaming at the mouth. The RN indicates that she ran into his room and saw the patient lying in bed watching TV with no foam in his mouth; she asked him if he was having any pain, problems, or difficulty breathing, and he said no. The RN relates that he told her where he was and asked her to let him watch TV, so she left. The RN adds that she gave report to the 2-10 pm nurse and left.

After the investigation, the RN was found to be guilty and having violated the Nursing Practice Act and will be facing disciplinary action from the Texas Board of Nursing. The discipline and the sanction were based and are caused pursuant to Section 301.452(b)(10) & (13) wherein the evidence received by the Board was sufficient to prove the RN’s conduct and violation(s). It became more difficult when the RN had failed to hire a nurse attorney to defend her as well as her license from the allegations.

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