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A nurse attorney is probably one of the best professionals that can definitely secure a career because of what they can provide as a defense for their clients. The better the attorney, the better the resolution can become during the hearings before the Texas Board of Nursing. It’s because a nurse attorney can make sure that they are also well-prepared for the job, which is also the exact reason why they are licensed to perform the task given to them.

But take note that this is something that some RNs are not aware of because they might feel nervous or afraid to attend the hearing. After all, hearings often happen because they were either caught or accused of the misconduct that they caused at work. But if you’re confident as a nurse that you’re still working professionally in your designated place, then there is no worry because all you need is the right nurse attorney for the job.

A certain RN was accused of stealing medication for personal use on or about July 1, 2017 in Houston, but failed to hire a nurse attorney which caused the Board to discipline and suspend her license. The RN was accused when she failed to provide any documentation regarding the excessive amounts of medication that she took from a patient’s medical dispensing system. However, the RN stated that she was not the one who actually took the medication.

But since she is the one who handles the medication dispensing system for the patient, she was the one held responsible for the misconduct caused by another staff whom the hospital and the Board never found out who. The RN also claimed that she was “busy treating a different patient at the time”, but the hospital rules entrusted the RN with the means to secure the dispensing system. Sadly, this fact was provided to the RN by the Board, which is why the Board never got convinced with the defense prepared by the RN.

As a result, the Board effectively provided the disciplinary action and suspension to the RN to ensure that she will never do such acts ever again. If you’re undergoing an accusation that you’re not aware you never did, then be sure to hire a good nurse attorney by your side. Nurse Attorney Yong J. An can promise such professionalism and assistance by contacting him at (832)-428-5679 to get your case evaluated.