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Your nearest nurse attorney can assist you even in uncommon cases. However, most nurses are not aware of this, which is why this particular RN from Plano faced disciplinary action for assisting other residents unnecessarily. This is why every nurse should be aware and should take it to consider a nurse attorney for the help.

On or about April 2016, through May 2016, while employed as a Registered Nurse in a medical center in Plano, the RN withdrew Fentanyl from the Pyxis medication dispensing system for patients and administered .it without a valid physician’s order. 

The RN’s action could injure the patients, in that the administration of medications without  a valid physician’s order could  result  in the patient suffering from adverse reactions, and her conduct placed the hospital in violation of Chapter 481 (Controlled Substances Act).

The Texas Board of Nursing took immediate notice upon this serious matter and summoned the RN for a hearing against her case. She stated that he recently discovered when a patient goes to surgery and returns to the floor from  PACU, sometimes the medications  that were on the eMAR, from PACU, will remain on the eMAR up to two or three shifts before pharmacy will remove them. 

The RN states that this is why the computer system allowed him to scan the medication without rejecting it. She states that had he been more vigilant in making sure that medication also had an order from the doctor in the chart, he could have avoided this error altogether. However, the Board does not allow such an excuse, which is why it was best for the RN to hire a nurse attorney in the first place.

The Texas Board of Nursing sentenced her RN license into disciplinary action to ensure that she will be able to perform the right ethics, as well as follow the guidelines of the hospital in the future. It is extremely important for all nurses to follow the rules of their hospital, and even simple errors like wearing civilian attire in the operating room must be strictly followed.

If you ever violated any guidelines in your hospital, but have a good reason for your defense, it’s best to seek legal consultation first with a nurse attorney. For the best counseling you can ever receive for your case, Mr. Yong J. An is here to help you out. You may contact him at (832)-428-5679 for further details.