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The practice of the nursing profession can become challenging and demanding all at the same time. An RN in Carrollton, Texas needs to follow several policies, rules, and regulations in order to prevent suspension or revocation of her RN license. In the past, several cases were filed against different nurses for misconduct and gross negligence which may have put their license in danger if not properly defended by a nurse attorney.

At the time of the incidents, an RN was employed as a Registered Nurse at a hospital in Garland, Texas, and had been in that position for two (2) months.

On or about January 23, 2020, while the RN was employed as a Registered Nurse, the RN failed to document and/or accurately and completely document the administration of medication in the Medication Administration Record (MAR) and/or Nurses’ Notes of the Patient. The RN’s conduct unnecessarily exposed the patient to a risk of harm from inaccurate documentation.

In response to the incident, the RN states that she takes full responsibility for not documenting appropriately. The RN states that she was in the orientation phase, this was her first week working in the infirmary section, and she had a preceptor with her. The RN states that there was no time delay in her reporting the error, rather a mistaken belief that no other documentation was required based on the supervisor’s response.

Therefore, as a result, the Texas Board of Nursing then decided to subject the RN and her license to disciplinary actions. The said discipline shall ensure the safety of the patient, along with a better future for the RN’s career. However, she should have contacted a nurse attorney in order to receive assistance regarding the case, especially if the RN sincerely thinks of it as an accusation.

For more details or for a confidential consultation regarding accusations, it’s best to contact an experienced nurse attorney. Nurse Attorney Yong J. An is an experienced nurse attorney who has helped RNs and LVNs defend against several cases since 2006. You can call him at (832) 428-5679 to get started or to inquire for more information regarding nursing license case defenses.