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Cases regarding incorrect prescription are quite dangerous for your career and not for the patient only, which is why a nurse attorney can make sure that it will be resolved if you’re facing such a case. The wrong use of medicine could lead to a lot of side-effects that may not go well for the condition of the patient. That’s why a patient was able to file a complaint after being prescribed with wrong medication when he underwent treatment to a certain dentist in Texas. This can be a threat to your career and license if not be taken care of by a nurse attorney.

The incident happened on or about January 2, 2014, to January 29, 2014, when the RN prescribed a Schedule IV Controlled Substance to a patient, but with inaccurate means. The substance was prescribed to the patient after receiving a surgery. However, the patient stated that the medicine was not the right one after all as the prescribed medicine did not provide any of the explained benefits to him.

The said incident could have caused adverse effects to the health of the patient, as well as impaired performance for the patient’s daily duties due to the controlled substance. The Texas Board of Nursing was able to notice the complaint, and immediately summoned the RN for a hearing.

However, the RN was not able to provide a proper defense against the case filed against her. Therefore, the Board decided to place her RN license into disciplinary proceedings to ensure that she will be able to perform better in the future, particularly when providing the right medication and its amount to a patient.

The Texas Board of Nursing are the ones who govern all the cases regarding a dentist’s errors during their committed duties. They are also the deciding head whether the nurse license should be disciplined, suspended or revoked. That’s why it’s recommended for every RN to hire a nurse attorney for further assistance regarding any case they might have been accused, or at least guilty of.

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