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The practice of the nursing profession can become challenging and demanding all t the same time. A LVN or RN nurse in Texas needs to follow several rules and regulations in order to prevent revocation of the licenses. In the past, several cases were filed against different nurses for misconduct and gross negligence.

Marshall, a Texas RN nurse, was one of those professionals who were charged before the Texas Board of Nursing (BON). He graduated in a medical university in Texas wherein he obtained a degree in nursing. She obtained a license to practice professional nurse in the state of Texas. Because of this, she was able to get the job she wanted.

However, just when she thought that things were starting to be great, something happened. Marshall signed a Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses (TPAPN) Participation Agreement for Substance Use Disorder. He was dismissed from the TPAPN for missing his fourth drug screen. Thereafter, a case was filed against him before the Texas Board of Nursing (BON). According to the complaint, the act of the RN nurse could have affected his ability to recognize subtle signs, symptoms or changes in conditions of the patients.

The complaint further contained an allegation that the act of Marshall could have affected his ability to make rational, accurate and appropriate assessments, judgments and decisions regarding patient care, thereby placing the patients in danger. The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) ruled that there exist serious risks to public health and safety as a result of impaired nursing care due to intemperate use of controlled substances or chemical dependency.

Because of this, the Texas Board of Nursing (BON) ordered for the revocation of the RN nurse’s professional license. Avoid the same thing from happening in your case. Make sure to take the necessary steps in dealing with a complaint filed before the Board against you.

If you have received a letter from the Texas BON for use of drugs/alcohol or any other offense, it is best to consult an experienced Texas Nurse Defense Attorney who can guide you on the steps you need to take to protect your nursing license.