If someone filed an accusation against you, it may compromise your career and a Texas nurse attorney could provide you the best help. If you have any valid reasons, you may refer to a nurse attorney to provide further defense against your case.

An instance when an accusation was filed against an LVN happened on or about November 10, 2015. During the time of the incident, the LVN was currently employed in a rehabilitation center in Texas.

On or about the said date, the LVN allegedly obtained Tramadol from a pharmacy in Texas, through the use of a fraudulent telephonically communicated prescription, using the name of a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

The LVN’s conduct was likely to deceive the pharmacy, and possession of Tramadol through use of a fraudulent telephonically communicated prescription is prohibited by Chapter 481 of the Texas Health and Safety Code (Controlled Substances Act)

The Texas Board of Nursing has full jurisdiction over all cases that may affect the RN license. The strictness of the Board also ensures that nurses will only commit to the duties they are assigned to in order to guarantee accurate and excellent performance in all hospitals throughout the state of Texas.

Because of this, the LVN was summoned by the Texas Board of Nursing to defend her side. During the hearing, the LVN states she became dependent on opiates after having three surgeries following her pregnancy and being prescribed opiates for pain. She relates she made a very poor and terrible decision that led to diversion. The LVN further explains she subsequently self-referred to the Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses, but was unable to complete the program due to financial hardship.

The Texas Board of Nursing subjected the LVN and her license into disciplinary action. The assistance of a nurse attorney could have helped the case become better for the LVN.

She lost the case simply because she failed to find an effective and efficient nurse attorney.

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