An RN or LVN who violates the state laws and issuances from the Texas Board of Nursing (BON) should seek proper help from a nurse attorney.  Doing so could make or break their cases. As a matter of fact, the license can even be suspended or revoked if not defended properly.

One such incident happened to an RN on or about December 27, 2014. During the time of the incident, she was currently employed as a staff nurse in an acute rehabilitation unit in Houston, Texas.

In an acute rehabilitation unit, the RN was caring for a patient who recently suffered a cerebrovascular accident and has been making a good recovery. The physician orders routine vital-sign assessment and neurologic checks every 4 hours. As the RN was performing the patient’s focused assessment at 1200 hours, she complains of a slight headache and states she had trouble remembering where she was for a moment. The RN gave her acetaminophen for her headache and continued with the rest of her assessment.

At 1600 hours, the RN return to her room for another focused assessment and find her unresponsive. The RN called the neurologist, who sends her for a computed tomography scan; the scan shows she has suffered a hemorrhagic stroke.

Because of this, the RN was summoned by the Texas Board of Nursing to defend her side. According to the Board, although the physician ordered routine vital signs and neurologic checks, it was the RN’s responsibility to further evaluate and monitor the patient.  The RN should have evaluated the effect of pain medication and reported her abnormal 1200 findings to the neurologist. Given the abnormal findings, the RN also should have performed a more detailed neurologic examination to intensify her monitoring, regardless of the physician order.

Because of the incident, the RN was disciplined and suspended by the Board of Nursing.

The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) is the government agency that has jurisdiction to hear and decide administrative cases involving RN and LVN license. The Board has the power to suspend and/or revoke the nurse license.  It is also the agency that is responsible for overseeing the practice of professional nursing all over the State of Texas.

The Texas Board of Nursing decided to revoke her license as a result of her actions. It’s because she failed to hire a good nurse attorney for the case, which is why her defense was not matched with the evidence that the Board possesses.

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