The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) has the jurisdiction to hear and decide cases involving the practice of professional nursing in Texas. Any RN or LVN found guilty for violating the state laws and regulations may be subjected to a disciplinary case if not properly defended by a nurse attorney. 

One of the best examples where a client failed to hire the right nurse attorney will be discussed in this case. 

On or about December 8, 2014, an LVN from Lubbock removed Phenergan 25mg from the medication dispensing system for a patient. She pre-documented he administered 12.5mg to the patient; however, the patient refused the medication. The LVN failed to correct the documentation error and failed to return the unused medication. Her actions resulted in an inaccurate medical record that may have confused other health care providers and failed to return the medications per hospital policy.

She also removed two tablets of Amitriptyline 25mg from the medication dispensing system for patients without a valid physician’s order. She failed to return the medications per hospital policy.

Because of this, the LVN was summoned by the Texas Board of Nursing. During the hearing, she admits she had possession of Amitriptyline, Phenergan, and Benadryl. She admits she accidentally pulled Amitriptyline when she meant to pull Coumadin. Rather than stop and return it, she elected to return it at a later time in the shift in order to care for her patient first. She placed the blister pack in a pocket of her cargo pants and simply forgot about it.

However, she failed to hire an experienced nurse attorney to help her defend her side of the story.

The LVN failed to properly present and defend her case against the court. She was disciplined warning to a suspension of her LVN license by violating the Texas Board of Nursing regulation.

Avoid a similar thing from happening on your end. Make sure to find the right nurse attorney in case a complaint will be filed against you before the Texas Board of Nursing (BON).

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