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Losing your license may greatly affect your future career, but only if you failed to hire a skilled nurse attorney for the case. There are some RNs and LVNs who missed their chances to get their license saved from revocation just because they weren’t able to hire any nurse attorney to defend them. Unfortunately, this RN from El Paso, Texas happens to be one of them.

On or about January 8, 2016, the RN improperly administered packed red blood cells (PRBCs) to the patient over a two hour period, instead of over a four hour period, as ordered. Her conduct could have contributed to cause injury to the patient from acute adverse reactions of rapid administration of PRBCs, including heart failure and possible death, and her conduct may have contributed to the patient suffering the effects of hypertension unnecessarily.

On or about February 24, 2016, through February 25, 2016, she also failed to assess the blood pressure of a patient every 30 minutes, as required because the patient was receiving intravenous antibiotics. Her conduct could have contributed to cause injury to the patient from undetected changes of condition.

The RN defends herself by stating she was a new nurse with one year of experience working with adults. The RN states that at the hospital she was working, she was not provided with a sufficient pediatric preceptorship, and was not provided the opportunity to attend the “Kids are NOT Small Adults” training class until February 26, 2016, after the incidents. She further states that the subsequent nurse who assumed care of the patient charted “Patient had no signs or reaction, lungs sound clear and pt sitting up in bed playing.”

Unfortunately, with the lack of an effective nurse attorney to defend her case, the Texas Board of Nursing decided to take disciplinary action against the RN.

Losing your LVN or RN license can compromise your career. However, a skilled nurse attorney can greatly help you in major cases such as this. For assistance regarding your nurse license case, it’s best to contact Nurse Attorney Yong J. An by contacting him at (832) 428-5679.