It’s best to seek the help of an experienced and skilled nurse attorney when facing different complaints and allegations. However, some nurses tend to face these results instead without thinking that nurse attorneys are always reliable for matters such as these.

On or about February 15, 2014, while employed within a rehabilitation center in Lubbock, the RN was verbally abusive to a resident in that she repeatedly yelled at him, “Shut up! Shut up!” and said, “I’m going to put a pillow over your face.” Additionally, she asked another nurse if she could tape the resident’s mouth shut. Her conduct was likely to cause emotional and psychological harm to the resident and could have interfered or disrupted the resident’s treatment.

On or about October 17, 2014, the same RN again was verbally abusive to a patient, in that she yelled and cursed at him and told him he would not be getting his medications.

The Texas Board of Nursing sent a letter to the LVN regarding the issue so then she can have the chance to defend herself. During the defense, the RN states: “I could hear a patient yelling loudly over and over. After receiving the report, I went into the patient’s room and asked him why he was yelling. I told him he needed to stop and he asked why. I replied that he was waking everyone else up and he stated that he did not care. Each time I went into his room I spoke in a normal tone of voice and never yelled at him. I did not yell “shut up.” I was horrified when these accusations came up. I also did not say “I want to put a pillow over his head.” 

However, she was not able to provide a good defense for herself. Therefore, the Board placed her RN license to a disciplinary action instead.

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