If you are a nurse working in the nursing industry in San Antonio and have had a circumstance come up that may risk your nursing license, San Antonio Nurse Attorney Yong J. An can help you protect your nursing license.

In a medical setting, circumstances can emerge that may oblige you to go before the Texas Board of Nursing. It is essential to talk about your case with a savvy San Antonio nurse attorney that has the expertise to protect your rights. Lawyer Yong J. An has more than 12 years helping medical care workers in the nursing industry all over Texas and providing aggressive legal defense.

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Direness is critical with regards to protecting your nursing license and that is the reason Yong is accessible to accept your call after normal business hours and weekends. For a case evaluation with a lawyer that will protect your rights, call or text San Antonio attorney Yong J. An directly at (832) 428-5679.