Dallas Nurse Attorney Can Help Provide Nursing License Defense to Save Your Nursing LicenseĀ 

If you are a medical caretaker working in the nursing business in Dallas and have had a situation come up that may threaten you losing your nursing license, Dallas nurse attorney Yong J. An can help you secure your nursing license.

Working in a hospital or medical center, circumstances can rise that may oblige you to go before the Texas Board of Nursing. It is fundamental to discuss your case with an experienced Dallas nurse attorney that has the aptitude to ensure your rights. Attorney Yong J. An has over 12 years experience representing individuals in the nursing industry all over Texas and providing sound legal advice and counsel.

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Criticalness is essential to protecting your nursing license and that is the reason Yong is open to accept your call after typical business hours and weekends. For a case assessment with a legal counselor that will secure your rights, call or text Dallas nurse attorney, Yong J. An at (832) 428-5679.