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Yong An did a great job in representing me before the Texas BON. There were some allegations about my professional misconduct. It was Mr. Yong An who helped me deal with this matter. He provided an easy to read contract wherein we formalized our client-attorney relationship. Aside from this, he also made me realize that I do not need to pay expensive professional fees to clients. He is really affordable in providing legal services. You will admire how compassionate and astounding this lawyer is.


I had a problem before the Texas BON when the members conducted a background check of me. There was a problem on my record. I immediately called Mr. Yong to assist me and he was prompt in his response. He answers the phone calls all the time. He did not leave me hanging during the hearing of my case. I am happy to have him as my attorney. Because of his excellent work, I am still able to practice my nursing profession in Texas. I believe I owe it to him!



The best thing about Attorney Yong An is that he has expertise about nursing cases before the Texas BON. This is the primary reason why he can resolve the case immediately. I will definitely recommend this lawyer to everyone. You will love him for sure.


It feels good to have met a great lawyer like Mr. Yong An. He is highly efficient, which means that he can get a lot of things done in a short period of time. I highly recommend his services, especially when it comes to the protection of nursing licenses. He can provide the right legal solutions right away! Call him today.


I had several concerns and issues about the Texas BON. It was really a big hassle on my part. Fortunately, I met Mr. Yong who helped me in solving all the problems before the Board. Every single thing was dropped by the Texas BON. I was not even reprimanded. It was amazing! Thank you Mr. Yong.!


I love how ethical and amazing Mr. Yong An is. He is very compassionate and honest all his professional dealings. I admire this lawyer because he always puts the interests of his clients first. He does not bombard me with a lot of messages just to collect his fees. He was very understanding! He is extraordinary.


I had a lot of unpleasant experiences with several lawyers. I’m glad it all stopped when I met Mr. Yong An. It was such a refreshing change to have found a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the laws. Mr. Yong An kept on updating me about my case. At the same time, he also offered some reassurance about the case. I never felt that he compromised me or my employment. Truly amazing!! Thank you!!


I am happy with the services of Yong An. He is one of the best lawyers in town. You have to talk to him first before you sign a board order from the Texas BON. Be sure to protect your rights and the best way to do it is to get in touch with a trustworthy lawyer. You will never regret his services. He helped me get my case dismissed!


The best part about having Yong An as a lawyer was that he always made himself available. He works fast too. I was not expecting that there would be a quick resolution for my case. Fortunately, he acts fact which is why we were able to get the victory we needed. I am recommending this excellent lawyer to everyone! Superb!!


Superb and excellent – these are the words that would perfectly described Mr. Yong An. He works closely with RN or LVN nurses. Words are not enough to express my gratitude for everything that he has done for my case. If you are in need of a good lawyer, be sure to call him now!


You will definitely love Mr. Yong an. He knows how to take care of his clients. For the past three years, Mr. Yong An handled my case before the Texas BON. He was very compassionate and professional in all his dealing. I highly respect this attorney. I appreciate how he made himself available whenever I need to set up an appointment or to talk to him. He is amazing!


I first came to know about Mr. Yong because he was the speaker during my graduation ceremony. He gave advice about the importance of getting an insurance. However, I failed to heed to his advice. Ten years later, I got involved in a problem with my employment. I was fired over something that I did not do. I immediately called the office of Yong An and I’m glad that he took my case. He helped me gain my confidence to fight for my right. Thank you Mr. Yong!


I have to say that Attorney Yong An is highly recommended for many reasons. There are so much to love about his professionalism. What I admire about his services is that he kept me informed all throughout the process of my case. He did not keep me in the shadows. Instead, he never failed to update me about the updates before the Texas Board of Nursing. Because this, I felt more secured about myself as well as my employment. Second, his professional fees are completely affordable. During the period of our professional engagement, Yong An was not remiss in his duties. He was always available for a call. At first, I thought that it is going to be a big problem to have a lawyer. However, Mr. Yong An proved otherwise. He is such an amazing person! I am forever thankful for everything he did.


Attorney Yong An is very helpful and compassionate. He was able to give me a great legal advice about my case before the Nursing Board. What I love about him is that he was able to sense the urgency of the situation. He was prompt in returning all my calls and in giving me tops on how to handle the legal processes. He even wrote a letter in my behalf for the Texas BON. I tried paying him but he did not accept it because he wanted to finish the case first. Talking with him was such a relief. You’re the best Mr. Yong!


I used the Internet to look for the right lawyer to handle my case. Fortunately, I found the blog of Mr. Yong. I discovered that he is a specialty lawyer when it comes to cases before the Texas Board of Nursing. What I love about him is that he was very responsive to all my inquiries. He explained the process to me, and he was able to do it in such a way that I can understand the legal jargon. I never felt that he was always in a hurry during our calls. He gives attention to his clients, that is why I like him as my lawyer. Yong An is the perfect attorney to call if you have problems with Texas BON.


Mr. Yong An helped me three different occasions. He was able to answer all the questions I have about my licensure. He knows the processes before the Texas Board of Nursing. We only talked via email and over the phone. In all occasions, everything was completely satisfying. He really knows the meaning of the laws, as well as the intent behind them. I think it was one of the reasons why his assistance in my cases was effective. Mr. Yong An was also good in giving a legal advice. If you need a lawyer, be sure to call him!


I have been a long-time client of Mr. Yong. While I was still in nursing school, he was already my lawyer. His first service was to assist me in a problem with my eligibility to take the nursing board exam. Seven years after, I am now applying for APRN license. Fortunately, Mr. Yong was still available. He was able to give light to all my questions. It was such a pleasure having him on board. If you need representation, you must call him.


I was searching for different lawyers who are knowledgeable when it comes to nursing license issues. That is the time that I came across Yong An. The truth is that I never needed the services of a specialty lawyer until I got involved in a stressful case before the Texas BON. The assistance of Mr. Yong was excellent. I have nothing to say but all praise to him! He gave me a sound legal advice. He also knows how to expedite the process in my favor. I’m thankful that Mr. Yong An saved my livelihood. I owe it to him.


I have to say that Mr. Yong An is the best lawyer out there. It’s such a pleasure to do with business with him. I hired this lawyer to help me with a declaratory order process before the Texas BON. He was there in every step of the way. He always responds to my requests. He also answered all my questions in a timely manner. Overall, my experience in dealing with him was amazing. He went above and beyond my expectations. Because of him, I was able to go through with my nursing education without any stress at all. He settled my case in an instant! I would highly recommend this outstanding lawyer in Texas.


When I graduated in nursing, I encountered a problem with the Texas BON. I immediately looked for a lawyer who would help me. I’m so glad Mr. Yong An came my way because he told me the step-by-step process. He assisted me when I needed to present a statement before the Board. Another important thing that he did has he informed me immediately about the status of my qualifications. With his assistance, I was able to take the nursing exam. Now, I’m a nurse who is living the life I wanted since I was young. Thanks to Yong.



Mr. Yong An is heaven sent. He is the type of lawyer that you would want to represent you before the Board. He is a very dependable attorney and has confidence when it comes to handling cases. He always gave me an update about my case. Thank you so much Mr. Yong An. You are the best. I will recommended you to the other nurses who need some protection for their license. Thank you again.


What I like best about Attorney Yong An is his dedication in handling the case. He is very responsive whenever I send him a message or give him a call. He was more than happy to assist me in all my legal needs. I also admire how patient he could get to all his clients. His professionalism is also beyond par. Indeed, he went beyond and above my expectations. There were so many twists in my case but he did a good job in turning it in our favor. Because of his diligence and expertise, we were able to win the case before the Board. Truly amazing! If you need some assistance in a Texas BON case, do not forget to get in touch with Mr. Yong An or his law firm.


I needed assistance with the Texas Board of Nursing (BON). That was the reason why I contacted Mr. Yong An. I’m so happy that I chose the right lawyer to assist me. His law firm was very efficient and good in legal services. I am more than satisfied with how Mr. Yong An handled my case. He is so amazing. He helped me clear my nursing license in just a short span of time. Now, I no longer have problems with my license. He’s the best in town!


The life of a nurse is a very complicated one. We need to abide by the rules and regulations set by the state. Otherwise, our nursing licenses may be suspended or revoked. This is why I got so worried when I had a case before the Texas Board of Nursing. The truth is that I was afraid that the Board might stop me from engaging in the nursing profession. Thankfully, Mr. Yong An came my way and he was very responsive to all my inquiries. He was helpful in removing the revoked status of my license. Most importantly, Mr. Yong An told me about the things that I need to expect. He was very honest! What a good man and lawyer. I highly recommend him to everyone.


I was in nursing school back then when I encountered a problem with the Texa BON. Fortunately, I found Mr. Yong An who gave me a legal advice over the phone. I liked him immediately because he accommodated my call even if I was not his client yet. Most lawyers would only give legal advice in person and after payment has been made. Well, Mr. Yong An was different from them. He cared for his client’s welfare before asking any money or fee. I was confused about the problems I encountered with the Texas Board of Nursing. I believed that I complied with all the requirements but I still ended up having inconvenience during the process. I’m just thankful that Mr. Yong An was there to assist me in everything I need. He looked into everything that needs attention and provided the proper remedies for the problem. During the time that I engaged his services, I noticed that he was very reliable and dependable. He is dedicated in answering all the legal needs of the client. Thank you so much Mr. Yong. You made my dream come true!! Now, I’m a registered nurse who is happy with my current employment. Thank you again. You are amazing!!


What I really love about Atty. Yong An is that he explained everything to me before he represented me in the disciplinary case. He was upfront about the fees and there were no additional costs at all. He also offered several options for the payment of the fees. It also amazes me how Mr. Yong An knew almost all the processes before the Texas BON as well as the members of the Board. It took us over one year before my case was closed and because of his services, I won the case. It was a sweet victory for sure. If ever you find yourself in a similar situation, the best thing to do is to call an attorney to help you in the process. Whether you like it or not, the truth is that there is no way that you could win a case without a lawyer. You need someone like Yong An who has a natural talent when it comes to defending nursing licenses before the Board. What a pleasure to have Attorney Yong An as my legal counsel! Definitely the best.


Being subjected to a disciplinary complaint before the Texas BON is an exhausting and stressful process. There are so many things to do in order to protect the nursing license. I’m lucky to have found Mr. Yong An. He is reliable, compassionate and knowledgeable about the Texas laws. He was able to handle everything!! Highly recommended!!


Up to this moment, I am still elated knowing that I chose the right lawyer to handle my case before the BON. One of the things that you need to know today is that you must never be under review by the Texas Board of Nursing. Once you receive a notice from the Board, be sure to get in touch with a lawyer immediately. I recommend that you go for Yong An. All the money spent for his services was worth it. The Board ruled in my favor because of Yong An’s expertise.


Yong An is the best lawyer out there when it comes to complaints and cases filed before the BON. I admire how honest he was with me. He always makes me feel re-assured whenever I have doubts about my legal situation. I think it also helped a lot that he knows many things about nursing before he became a lawyer. I have to say that Yong An is an expert! There are no enough words to express how grateful I am for everything he did. He was very supportive when I needed someone to help me protect my nursing license. I highly recommend Yong An! Just call him and he will immediately answer to your needs.


There was a time in my life when I needed the assistance of a lawyer. I was subjected to an investigation and Yong An was there to help me. He was very accommodating and he made me feel comfortable during the entire duration of my case. He really put me at ease by informing me about the processes and steps in defending my case. I’m glad to have chosen him as my lawyer. He was very keen to details and was very attentive to all my concerns. No wonder there are so many other clients who provided positive comments and reviews for Yong An’s law firm. If you need some legal advice, do not hesitate to call Yong An.


Yong An is an amazing lawyer. He provided me with an excellent representation before the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners. I’m so glad I came across his law firm. I have to say that if ever I need another legal advice, I will definitely hire him again.


Attorney Yong was my legal representative for a case filed before the Texas Board of Nursing. It was such a relief to know that I hired the right counsel. He was very supportive in everything! I felt that he really cared for his client. His primary concern is not the money that he would earn but the help that he could offer. Because of his expertise in nursing defense, he managed to help me obtain reduced restrictions from the Board. I will recommend him to everyone! 100% Amazing. 100% Outstanding. 100% Satisfying!


I met with another lawyer because I needed someone to help me with my pre-licensure application before the Board. There were several issues that came with it. Unfortunately, the lawyer charged a high amount of professional fees but did not do anything to eliminate my problems. It was so frustrating!

Luckily, I met Mr. Yong. A friend referred him. At first, I was hesitant because of my previous bad experience with another counsel. However, he was different! He is knowledgeable in all the applicable laws for my case. I can say that he is passionate at what he does, which is probably why many clients love him! He deserves all the high praises!

To Mr Yong, I would just like to say that you are heaven sent. Thank you for being a fair and honest lawyer. No wonder you have a good reputation in the industry. May you continue to help more nurses in need. Thank you so much!


I needed a lawyer for my case back then. Because of this, I went online to find who can be the best representative for my case before the BON. I came across the site of the Law Firm of Yong J. An. I was able to read several reviews about him. Many people were claiming that he is an excellent nursing defense lawyer. For this reason, I immediately called him

It was such a great opportunity for me to meet this lawyer because he handled my case with dedication and expertise. He charged a reasonable fee and even gave me a great payment plan. His efforts led to the dismissal of my case. I have to say that Yong did a great thing for me! I will forever be grateful for all his help.I’m just so glad that he was the first lawyer I found online. HE EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS. Truly the best!


I searched for a Texas lawyer who is good in handling nursing defense cases. During my research, I came across the website of Mr. Yong. I read positive comments from his previous clients, which made me become more interested in what he does. Because of this, I tried to send a message via the website. What made me really happy was the fact that a member of his team responded right away! He was so nice to me. I wish there won’t come a time that I would require the services of a lawyer. But right now, I have to say that I will recommend his firm to those who are in need!


This attorney deserves a five-star rating from me! I love how he handled my case. He understood that nursing is my passion. Unfortunately, I got myself involved in compromising situations because I signed certain documents from the BON without knowing the possible implications. When these problems arose, I immediately called the Law Office of Yong J. An. Guess what? Attorney Yong did a great job in clearing my charges. If you had a similar problem as mine, do not hesitate to get in touch with Attorney Yong. He is an expert in the field of low. He will take care of your license! Thank you Yong!


Attorney Yong is the type of lawyer who always goes an extra mile for his client. When I worked in a hospital, I committed some errors in documenting certain data or information. Because of this, my employer sent a report to the Texas BON. During that time, I felt so afraid. It was stressful for me because I thought that my license would be suspended or revoked.

However, my problems vanished when Mr. Yong entered the scene. I found him online because many people were talking about him. Well, it turned out that he is really an amazing lawyer! No wonder many people left positive comments and high ratings for him. He is really an expert when it comes to defending nursing licenses. He helped me in winning the case.


I highly recommend Yong for all your legal needs. I hired Mr. Yong to be my counsel for the proceedings before the BON. I had a non-disclosed misdemeanor charge. During the time when he was my attorney, he made me feel that he can be trusted. Whenever I need to talk to him, all I need to do is to call him. It felt great to know that he valued me as a client because he has always made himself available whenever I needed to discuss my case. He is such an amazing lawyer in Texas! The best nursing defense attorney in Texas.


The outcome for the case was so great! My case involved an investigation ordered by the Texas Board of Nursing due to my failure to join a program from TPAPN. To be honest, I thought that my case was on the losing end but Mr. Yong had his own way of turning things around. He represented me in all the hearings before the Board. It felt good to know that someone like him stayed with me through all my ups and downs involving my case. He updated me with what’s going on with my case. In just 12 months, the BON resolved the issue in my favor. I have to say that without Yong, my nursing license could have been revoked. He saved me from suffering an unfortunate event! I am grateful for his services. If you are looking for a nursing lawyer in Texas, make sure to hire him.


The nice thing about Mr. Yong is that he is an expert in the legal aspect of the nursing industry. He has this ability in helping clients to feel calm and more relaxed while the case is going on. With his efforts, he was able to dismiss the case filed against me. I was able to keep my nursing license because of him. My case was quite difficult but he won! This only shows that he is an amazing and skilled lawyer in Texas.


When I received a notice about a pending case before the Board, I was devastated. It was a difficult time in my life. I almost gave up but Mr. Yong helped me in moving forward. He was realistic about all the proceedings that we have to go through in order to defend my license. He also laid down the possible outcomes for my case. These acts helped me a lot in understanding my situation. He eventually got my case dismissed and for that reason, I will forever be grateful. Thank you Attorney Yong.


When I received a notice about a pending case before the Board, I was devastated. It was a difficult time in my life. I almost gave up but Mr. Yong helped me in moving forward. He was realistic about all the proceedings that we have to go through in order to defend my license. He also laid down the possible outcomes for my case. These acts helped me a lot in understanding my situation. He eventually got my case dismissed and for that reason, I will forever be grateful. Thank you Attorney Yong.


Yong has a set of excellent team! Each of them is so good at what they do. When I encountered a major problem regarding my nursing professional, the Law Firm of Yong J. An, became my savior. What I really like about his services is that he never fails to update me about the status of my case. It gave me a piece of mind while waiting for the order from the Board. I am so happy that I ended up in retaining his law firm for all my legal needs. Absolutely fantastic!


I consider Yong as the biggest blessing in my life for this year. While I was practicing as a professional nurse in Texas, I received an order from the BON limiting my practice. This was problematic for me since I wanted to continue working for my employer. Yong was the one who wrote a reply letter to the Board and explained my innocence. He made all the necessary arrangements, which led to the issuance of an order in my favor. I couldn’t thank him enough for everything he did for me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! He is so nice and great!!!


Yong is such an amazing lawyer. I like how excellent he is in his profession. I have to say that choosing him, as my counsel was one of the best decisions I made. He was fast in dealing with my legal problems. He knows exactly what to do! He immediately contacted the Board of Nursing to discuss about my situation. He handled my case as an expert in the field of law! I am so happy with his services. Amazing!


When I encountered a problem with my nursing license, the first thing I did was to get in touch with a lawyer. I was taken aback because the first attorney I contacted charged a high amount of professional fees and did not even give me a clear idea about the processes that we are going to take.
After that, I had a chance to meet Yong. When I called him, he asked me to meet in his office to discuss my dilemma. The transaction was fast and less stressful. He gave me the best and smartest legal advice. Because of his, I got a favorable order from the Texas BON. I highly recommend him to anyone!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Attorney Yong for helping me with my problems regarding my professional nursing license. There was an unfortunate event involving my license because it was placed on probation in another state. Things became more complicated when the Texas BON created stricter conditions and requirements for my practice. However, because of Yong, I was able to only ordered to attend a remedial class. There were no fines, penalties and other adverse orders.
He was a genuinely nice man. At that time, I was sick so I did not have a chance to earn something to pay him. Instead of bombarding me with messages, he waited ‘til I was able to get back on track. He and his team of professionals are compassionate and amazing! He is the man!


When I called Yong, he answered in person. I was in panic due to my nurse license was revoked for over 3 months ago, and got fired at my job at a local hospital. I did not know that my license was expired. Within 14 days of his representation and his hard work ethics, he successful restored my nursing license. I am so grateful for his representation.

Emergency Room RN

Harris County